Card Tech Minutes 2018.02.14

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Nick Gawrit, Co-chair, heartbase
Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips
Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Jon Fast, ACC
Sophia Chaidez, HCA Nashville
Dan Murphy, Epic


April F2F Meeting Update - Paul Dow 5 mins
There are block reservations possible at the Westin for $305/night or the Fairmont for $350/night. Contact Paul by COB 2/10 if you are interested in this option to ensure availability. This is Cherry Blossom season, so finding discounted rooms may be a challenge.
CPN Extensions - Charles Thomas 15 mins
The Procedure Results organizer - The list of observations required are still under discussion with various clinicians. Mitral Valve Baseline and is compared to a Post Procedure measurement for regurgitation. Valve Area was only mentioned once. Inflow gradients are measured via ultrasound. Charles will look at the requirements for the Registry as guidance. He will also discuss this with clinicians who perform this procedure.
CPN Implementation Guidebook - Rebecca Baker 40 mins
Rebecca demonstrated how the guidebook can provide information to implementers. The current process has a user clicking a link from the table of contents to the ART Decor tool. This allows a user to see the technical details within the overall document, including LOINC codes and the column details to provide as much information as possible to help people understand the intent and scope of the profile. Data Type (DT), Cardinality (CARD) and Conformance (Conf) were defined. The discussion moved to the Results Organizers and Status Codes within the procedures. Dan Murphy offered to have an off-line meeting to review the specifications in more detail.