Card Tech Minutes 2018.01.10

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Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Nick Gawrit, Co-chair, heartbase
Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips Healthcare
Antje Schroeder, Siemens Healthineers
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Dan Murphy, Epic
Andrea Price, Indiana University


Possible IHE TC Meeting in Japan 5 mins
Due to the complexities of international travel planning we will need to decide by 1/17/2018 if this meeting is a go/no go. There is growing interest within Heart House to support this, but we may run out of time to plan and execute a Spring 2018 meeting. We may consider a Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 meeting in Tokyo, if we would liek to persue this idea further.
CPN Extensions 40 min
Charles Thomas presented the list of Complications that can occur during procedures, e.g. a paracentisis due to unexpected event that would need to be documented and reported. This may be covered in the original note in the Procedure Description Sectionof the profile. There is no precoordinated SNOMED code for this type of event, it may be re-purposed from the TAVR procedure. Charles Thomas has the full list of concepts for the LAAO secondary procedures, which exist in the CPN profile, and will pull matching concepts where possible. One point of clarification is how to model where a complication would be listed when a finding like a pericardial effusion would be listed where they did not attempt to treat? If the complication is serous enough, the patient may end up in CV Surgery. This may fall into the 80/20 rule. As one member noted, in her 10 years of Cath Lab experience, this has happened once.
Charles will post this as a work in progress on the FTP site to allow interested members to follow along. It may be helpful to develop a sample report to demonstrate how each section is built out and implemented. Charles Thomas has begun this work and may expand it as needed. This topic will next be addressed.
Note: The meeting adjourned early due to schedule conflicts for several attendees.