Card Tech Minutes 2016.12.21

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  • Nick Gawrit, Heartbase, co-chair
  • Chris Melo, Philips, co-chair
  • Paul Dow, ACC, secretary
  • Nakano Shinichi, Toshiba, IHE Japan
  • Takeshi Oozeki, Toshiba, IHE Japan
  • Charles Thomas, University of Washington
  • Rebecca Baker, ACC
  • AbdulMalik Shakir, Hi3 Consulting



Chris and Nick spoke with Mary Jungers about the four profiles and the TF [publication dates] for details review the link to see the latest update regarding milestone dates.
Nick Gawrit presented the three main difference between the Cath PCI and CRC Procedure notes. Nick feels this will be a low level effort [8-10 hrs] to harmonize both notes. EPRC-IE and CRC has many similarities until the Procedure section. The CRC has a Lesion section, while EPRC-IE does not. We will have to find a way to link the devices to lesions. The Procedure Device Organizers are linked different. Also there are conditional constraints which must be reviewed. This will require a medium effort [16+ hrs] to harmonize the templates. We must be careful to stay within the CDA rules. Late binding value sets are proving to be more complicated, we may need to create a value set that over arches the templates.
Chris Melo Chris shared a tool he developed for review of the versions of C-CDA 2.1 to 1.1. This should help streamline the comparison of the section. Chris estimates that it will be a small to medium effort. Art Decor may prove to be useful for this process as well.
Antje SchroederComparison of CIRC with CRC [Headers, Templates, Value Sets]
Nakano Shinichi IHE-Japan has begun reviewing the differences of CRC from the IVI templates they have developed. There are some proposals to update the MPPS section. There are gaps in the development process, delaying the start from Jan 2017 to April 2017. There are also some funding gaps which will need to be addressed. Some of the value sets are using LOINC codes, but may be replaced with SNOMED codes. A spread sheet will be developed to demonstrate the work process. IHE-Japan will attend the North American Connectathon in January, which will lead to further discussions.

Cardiology Technical Committee