Card Tech Minutes 2016.10.26

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  • Chris Melo, Philips, Co-chair
  • Nick Gawrit, Heartbase, Co-chair
  • Paul Dow, ACC, Secretary
  • Dan Murphy, Epic
  • Antje Schroeder, Siemens
  • Charles Thomas, University of Washington
  • Andrea Price, Indiana University Health
  • Rebecca Baker, ACC
  • Pamela Heller, ACC


Discussion Topics -
1. Introduction of new ACC Staff member Rebecca Baker - Rebecca is the New Health IT associate to assist and develop projects.
2. Update on December 6, 2017, ACC Clinical Guidelines meeting - this is being deferred until further notice. The decision was made internally for the inclusion of other groups to ensure understanding of the process and possible impacts to their workflow. This may expand the 2-day TC meeting back to 3-days.
3. Paul informed the TC that ACC is withdrawing the ACC/NCDR proposals for the 2017-2018 cycle due to conflicting timelines. This includes completing the update to the RCS-C profile to support the CathPCI Registry v5.0 and a new profile for the PVI registry. ACC does plan on maintaining the existing IHE profiles for the ACC/NCDR registry (RCS-C v4.4 and RCS-EP).
4. Review of PCC profile decision matrix and a detailed proposal template - This includes information around cost benefits, which help make the case for end users wishing to implement profiles. This template also quantifies the key issues or complexities that could make the development of the profile less successful. The Risks section is very useful to help describe the challenges that impact the technical approach, especially if political or cultural changes are needed for a successful implementation, e.g. FHIR not fully baked into day-to-day technical products or workflows.
5. PCC Implantable Medical Device Registration (IMDR) proposal - PCC received 3 proposals related to medical device identification and will be discussing the possibility of combining them. PCC will be developing the detailed proposal for IMDR. Cardiology is interested in this proposal and would be willing to work with PCC on this topic. Chris will attend the PCC face-to-face meeting to discuss the possibility of collaboration with the PCC domain on this effort.
Next Steps -
  • Nick and Chris will develop the detailed proposals for CRC and CIRC for next week. Based on that we will be able to plan for the December meeting.
  • Anyone interested in helping develop these proposals or contributing to these work items should contact Nick or Chris via e-mail.

Cardiology Technical Committee