Card Tech Minutes 2016.10.19

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Sample Attendees

  • Antje Schroeder, Siemens
  • Charles Thomas, UW
  • Dan Murphy, Epic
  • Pamela Heller, ACC
  • Paul Dow, ACC
  • Chris Melo (Co-chair), Philips
  • Nick Gawrit (Co-chair), heartbase

Sample Minutes

Minutes pending committee review/ correction/ approval

  1. Updates for Profile Proposals
    • Update to CRC profiles
      • TBD.
    • Update to CIRC profiles
      • TBD.
    • Update to RCS-C profiles
      • TBD.
    • New profile for submission to PVI registry
      • TBD.
  2. Other Business
    • ACTION ITEM: TBD to review the status of CPs.
    • ACTION ITEM: co-chairs to submit proposed publication dates to Mary for 2017 cycle.
    • ACTION ITEM: Editors need to update their respective wiki pages.

Cardiology Technical Committee