Card Tech Minutes 2016.07.27

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Webinar Preparation
The entire hour was spent by technical committee reviewing ver 1.3 of the PowerPoint as we move closer to the August 10th delivery of our Domain Webinar. Minor changes to the slides and timings were discussed. Some of the items that need be addressed include:
  • Paul will provide the publication date for the IHE HPS. Update: the publication contact is out of office until August 2nd, an update will be provided after her return.
  • Charles and Pamela will update their sections of slides and send the changes to Antje by Friday, Jul-29 for her to implement in the updated version before Aug-3.
  • Paul will send the current version, 1.4., to David and Alan for their feedback and possible participation in the rehearsal on Aug 3rd. Update: Request for PPT review and Aug-3 WebEx invite sent to Alan and David on Jul-27.