Card Tech Minutes 2016.02.03

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TAVR Procedure Results:
  • Results Section - This section is similar to a standard report with pre-procedure observations, as well as post-procedure observations. HTML tags are used to help format the narrative portions of the report.
  • Q: No LOINC or SNOMED code be found for Total Pacing Time, or how fluoro time is documented. Any assistance that can be provided for this would be appreciated by Charles Thomas. AMS suggested that other profiles, possibly RCS-C have listed fluoro time as a separate procedure and include the time within that space. Contrast Media Used will also be unique to these procedures. Radiology may be able to provide guidance from an Angiography/Special procedures profile. A DICOM code for Total Flouro Time may be able to provide the required detail.IEEE may provide details for Pacing Time,
  • Creating a more granular table with procedure components may require an extension of the table found in CRC. Something like TAVR Baseline Measurements and then include notations e.g. null flavor, other, to find tags for codes that may not exist.
  • Using an organizer helps place information within a context, e.g. pre or post procedure, to communicate effectively what has occurred during the intervention. This is similar to how it was built within the RCS-C profile.
  • Charles Thomas will upload the latest examples to the FTP site.
  • A discussion of the notation of effective time for an observation occurred and will replicate other profiles as well.
  • NCDR is unable to provide some codes for adverse events, due to a variety of reasons.