Card Tech Minutes 2015.03.18-20

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5/26/2015, Tuesday
CRC TAVR Discussion, Charles Thomas-UW
Was the plan to support both Serial Number and/or FDA UDI? The serial number and model number from the manufacturer may be used until the UDI is the standard.
Will this be global profile or for use primarily in the US? This will be used world wide.
Several descriptions of the measurements associated with the procedure and quantification included incremental results. Post deployment observations will be in the Findings part of the report. The goal is to keep the report flexible enough for them to document any eventuality.
Where do we post findings found in the various steps of the procedure? These intermediate 'guideposts' may not be as vital as the final results, unless there are other clinically useful trends that could be spotted.
There is a new measurement, Deployment Balloon Volume may not appear in nomenclatures. This may need to be officially proposed to LOINC.
Is Pacing Start Time defined within SNOMED and the EPRC Profile? Would this be a Procedure Activity Procedure as Temporary Pacing? Yes and it can be supported through current constraints. EPRC and CRC can provide guidance for these from a published sample.
Review of EPRC-IE Profile and other details before the tomorrow's time frame.
Public Comment Review of RCS-EP, Pamela Heller-ACC
Consolidated the list of public comments were reviewed, and lead the discussion. See the public comment list for full details.
The benefits and challenges of an ACC-specific profile. With a request for IHE TC to help provide guidance for expanding the scope of the profile to include other international societies.
5/27/2015, Wednesday
IHE Webinar Planning - Team Discussion
Thursday, September 3rd, 10:00am Eastern time
1. Introductions [Paul D.] 3 mins
2. Domain Overview [Antje] 5 mins
International Efforts [IHE-J]Cross Domain Efforts [PCD, Radiology]
3. Strategic Planning for 2020 [David/Alan] 10 mins
a. IEEE Harmonization, b. Registry Submission Profiles, c. SNOMED, LOINC, and Other Standard Nomenclature, d. Other Workflow and Content Profiles, e. Using other domains’ profiles
4. Trial Implementation of Supplements for 2016 Connectathon 15 min [10+5]
RCS-EP and RCS-C [Pamela] 10 mins
Structured Reporting of CRC and EPRC-IE [Chris/Nick] 5 mins
5. Current Projects [Nick] 10 mins
a. EP White Paper [David/Chris],b. Structural Heart Additions to CRC [Charles], c. ACC Health Policy Statement [Alan]
6. CRC Structural Changes - Charles Thomas 10 mins
Review of the CRC XML and Technical Frameworks.
Discussion of UID in differing locations and the scopingEntity, the ID of a manufacturer.
CRC Line 2495 MMAT>DEV, Line 2500 Explain UDI
Procedure Results [Section] Review - Review of current state
Discussion of procedure documentation
Review of Adverse Events with look up and discussion of associated SNOMED codes.
7. Q&A 10 mins [53 mins]
5/28/2015, Thursday
Discussion of Healthcare Trends
Discussion of Public Comments of the RCS-EP Profile
Clarification of scope
CP-Will it be possible to add snippets after publication
Will update more after the meeting on June 3rd
Discussion of RCS-EP project timeline and submission of documents by June 15th.