Card Tech Minutes 2013.08.28

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Attendees: Paul Dow Mead Walker AMS Barry Brown Chris Melo Ganesan Srinvasan Harry Solomon Mike Simanowith Nandhini Kuntipuriam Paul Seifert Traci Conolly

NCDR working with modeling the data that goes to the registry. Creating a guide generic enough for the entire registry based on CRC and HL7’s work with CDA. The current transmission flow is being done as a batch that extends for a 3 month period. They are moving towards smaller batches. XDS does not support batch delivery, are there IHE profiles that address the need for batching? HL7 v3 messaging is being looked at. Could also stay with the current NCDR model for transmission. When and how to transition from open templates to closed templates in CRC.

Right now the NCDR practice is that the value sets are versioned according to the release of the registry except for device types. Device types (e.g. stents) are a dynamic list, Q: would it be possible for the structure of the template stay the same between versions? Could the terminology stay the same between versions? A: Yes, if it tells me in the guide that it is part of the vocabulary. If you change the value set, devices need to be unique identifiers

Arterial access sites: will the value sets be static or dynamic? Will new releases of the guide necessitate a new release of a registry? Not always. Things will have to be consistent with the vendors. Decisions will need to be made. Declaring dynamic lists comes at a cost for the vendors. Mechanisms for batching: we might be receiving a whole quarters worth of encounters. CRC expects a single cath lab visit (encounter) per patient