Card Tech Minutes 2013.03.27

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  • Paul Dow - ACC
  • Abdul Malik Shakir - ACC
  • Nichole Kallas - ACC
  • Nick Gawrit - heartbase
  • Harry Solomon - GE
  • Nandhini Kuntipuram - ACC
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa
  • Bryan Jennings - Medical Micrographics
  • Anthony Scinicariello - St Jue
  • Scott Graunke - Medical Micrographics

Meeting Notes

  • Promotion/Survey
    • Review on next revision of survey
      • Addition of a question to address whether response is related to ambulatory office environment or in patient environment
  • EPRC
    • Addition of three clinical expert to team (Dr. Serwer, ....
    • Currently in process of reviewing sample reports
    • Open Issues
      • SnoMed Coding: one code for two different registry items
      • Content vs Workflow: eg what is the workflow to submit the data, how are they used in downstream systems,
        • First priority is to define the content, if some time remains workflow may be addressed