Card Tech Minutes 2012.10.17

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  • Anthony Scinicariello - St. Jude
  • Barry Brown - Mortara
  • Bryan Jennings - Medical Micrographics
  • Chris Melo - Philips
  • Harry Solomon - GE
  • Nakano Shinichi - IHE-J
  • Nick Gawrit - heartbase
  • Paul Dow - ACC
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa
  • Rich Fronek - Cardiac Science
  • Tom Dolan - Philips
  • Antje Schroeder - Siemens

Meeting Notes

  • Scheduling
  • The schedule for the upcoming Technical committee meetings will be the following
    • Oct. 24 10am EST: EP Report Content and Registry Submission
    • Oct. 31 9:30am EST: Cath/PCI NCDR Submission (30 mins added)
    • Nov. 11 9:30am EST: IVI Workflow (30 mins added)
    • Nov. 14 9:30am EST: Promotion (30 mins added)
  • The face to face meeting will be held Dec. 10-12 most likely in Washington DC
  • Registry submission workflow
  • Scope is collection of evidence for report and registry submission
  • Profile should address how to get results from applications into reporting workflow for various kinds of diagnostic testing. The format in which data will be communicated out of the applications is most likely not DICOM SR
  • Registry submission could be certified for MU Stage 2
  • Could be based on DICOM Application hosting, however workflow management through UPS might not be necessary.
  • The submission workflow is part of this profile and not of the CATH/PCI NCDR submission profile
  • Relationship to Stress/Cath Workflow profiles: The data collection peace from the application could be handled as a CP to those profiles which adds another option.
  • HIGH Effort profile
  • Action items:
  • Paul Dow to check meeting facilities at ACC for Face To Face meeting Dec. 10-12
  • Paul Dow to communicate proposal review schedule with Nichole
  • Antje to send detailed proposal information and schedule to google list
  • Harry to prepare detailed proposal for Registry Submission workflow for 10/24 meeting
  • Chris to prepare detailed proposal for EP Report Content workfow for 10/24 meeting