Card Tech Minutes 2012.05.21-2012.05.23

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  • Jason Kreuter (ACC)- absent - non-voting member
  • Anthony Scinicariello ( St. Jude) - absent - non-voting member
  • Harry Solomon (GE)
  • Nick Gawrit (Heartbase)
  • Paul Seifert (Agfa)
  • Tom Dolan (Philips)
  • Antje Schroeder (Siemens)
  • Chris Melo (Philips)
  • Rich Fronek (Cardiac Science) - non-voting -
  • Quorum (50% of members in good standing) was achieved


  • Review cath supplement documentation
    • editors reviewed the changes they made in response to wednesday's call:
      • the changes in code references and the extended examples and highlighting of the customizations or extensions to C-CDA sections/elements were reviewed.
    • Harry had comments on various other references/clean-up wrt C-CDA alignment, including multiple-parent templates.
    • a motion was made to submit the cath report for Trial Implementation Publication
    • quorum was achieved and the vote was as follows:
      • Siemens - for
      • Philips - for
      • GE - for
      • Agfa - for
      • Heartbase - for
      • Cardiac Science - abstain
    • The motion was approved, and Chris/Nick will submit to Mary by June 18th

Thanks to all committee members who contributed, especially to Chris and Nick as editors who did the lion's share of the work and carried this through to completion. We see potential to share the learnings of many of the contributors in CDA modelling of complex clinical concept with a wider audience in a journal paper.