Card Tech Minutes 2012.03.14

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  • Jason Kreuter (ACC) - absent
  • Dr. James E Tcheng (ACC)
  • Barry Brown (Mortara) - absent
  • Anthony Scinicariello ( St. Jude)
  • Bryan Jennings (Medical Micrographics)
  • Duncan Wood (Medical Micrographics)
  • Harry Solomon (GE)
  • Nick Gawrit (heartbase)
  • Paul Seifert (Agfa)
  • Tom Dolan (Philips)
  • Antje Schroeder (Siemens)
  • Chris Melo (Philips)


  • Draft agenda/logistics for planning committee F2f on March 25th
    • Tom will send reminder with some updates to Dr. Katz, CC Jason, and Jason will combine agenda, webex url for meeting, regular dial in #, hotel room
  • Overview of high-level structure of Tech committee F2F March 26-29
  • Overview of EP Report (Bryan Jennings)
    • some SNOMET-CT mapping still required, some codes not available, and maybe never will be.
    • In other cases the same thing looks like there are duplicates- but most times there is a difference between a disease that is established ( part of history) versus a new diagnoses of this disease. Also sometimes synonmys are used, and there may be some legacy duplicates.
    • There is no way to get a special extension set from SNOMED, but we can ask for regular codes via our contact at the library of medicine.
    • Details on Ventricular Tachycardia - in prior results we can have measurements, assessments.


  • Send out all Planning meeting details ( webex link, dial in, agenda, room location) in an invite so it's all in 1 place and can be included in people's calendar - Jason - DUE Friday March 16th
  • create Tech committee webex meeting for 9-5 CSt on
  • Provide Dr. Tcheng's data element presentation to the group - Harry - DUE March 16
  • Provide confirmation that he can work on completing the bulk of the procedure section ( leveraging CIRC) before the F2F - Paul Seifert - DUE March 14