Card Tech Minutes 2012.02.22

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  • Duncan Wood (Medical Micrographics)
  • Harry Solomon (GE)
  • Nick Gawrit (Heartbase)
  • Chris Melo ( Philips)
  • Anthony Scinicariello (St. Jude)


  • editorial discussion on document structure
    • guidelines agreed on reorganizing the CDA document - move certain document-wide data from procedure to header section
    • decision to NOT inherit completely from C-CDA, but to align with it. This is because we cannot restrict IHE profiles to a US-Realm.
      • As soon as C-CDA addresses the US-Realm issue we can look to direct inheritence then in TF maintenance.


  • Chris presented draft header element constraints for CRC which included the full list from the C-CDA header and the C-CDA Procedure Note header and additional constraints will be added based on CIRC header constraints and Cath constraints
    • CRC will explicitly state that it is agnostic of realmCode – so it could, using national extensions, be used as US-realm or Universal realm.
    • CRC will have a separate template Id and not include C-CDA procedure note or CIRC document template Ids, since it is specific to Cath reporting.
    • Constraints will be re-used with the same conformance ID if and only if they remain unchanged from the C-CDA or CIRC constraints.
    • These header constraints will be reviewed individually and one complete list will be provided for the CRC header.
  • CRC header element review – Nick had made a proposal of the mapping of NCDR CathPCI registry codes to CRC header elements. This set of data elements was reviewed and
    • several were mapped to specific header elements. These header elements that will be included in the CDA header do not need SNOMED codes – they will just use the CDA element names.
    • several were deemed to be national extensions so should not be included in CRC
    • several were deemed to be not applicable for a cath report
    • some are included in body sections and are not included in the header
  • Harry agreed to begin work on the conversion of CIRC sections to align with the C-CDA section templates and will focus on Medical History Section for next week