Card Tech Minutes 2012.02.01

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  • Anthony Scinicariello (St. Jude)
  • Dan Roman (ACC)
  • Barry Brown (Mortara)
  • Bryan Jennings (Medical Micrographics)
  • Duncan Wood (Medical Micrographics)
  • Harry Solomon (GE)
  • Nick Gawrit (heartbase)
  • Paul Seifert (Agfa)
  • Tom Dolan (Philips)
  • Rich Fronek (Cardiac Science)

Meeting Notes

  • Cath Report Content (CRC)Vol 1 review
    • Nick, Tom and Antje have contributed to the draft vol 1 per the new IHE profile template.
    • because of the similarity in the sounds of CRC and CIRC, and the prevalence of CDA - we propose to make our profile acronym CDA-Cath
    • We clarified scope:
      • IVUS and IVOCT are INcluded,(IVOCT inclusion is tentative and is dependent on the workload and it's clinical maturity)
      • Pediatric cath is EXcluded
    • We also discussed the alignment with the C-CDR initiative:
      • the IHE-DCC have assigned Keith Boone and Harry to provide guidance to IHE on this, including applicability to non-US deployments/realms.
      • In the mean time we'll use the C-CDR OIDS in our section documentation and we'll flag US-realm limitations for addressing per the advice of Keith/Harry.
      • Harry demonstrated the differences between CIRC and C-CDA and we agreed to look @ updating CIRC in out Tech Framework maintenance work-assessment
    • Per the new profile template - Vol 2 from CIRC will be "transferred" (and modified/extended per discussion above) to Vol 3 in CDA-Cath, the new Vol 2 will be very light (non workflow profile)
  • ACTION- See the action list doc on the Wiki - File:IHE Card ActionItemsAndPlanning.docx
    • Nick - distribute his detailed terminology spreadsheet to the the volunteers for next-week's CDA-Cath review - DUE Feb 2
    • Harry - distribute C-CDA link to group - DUE Feb 2
    • Tom - clarify with Dr. Tcheng that his ACC initiative is the same one as the "Update to Cath lab standards" referred to in November by Joel Harder - DUE Feb 2
    • tom - post the current Cath Vol WIP on the ftp site - DUE Feb 2
  • EP Report Content - As above - renamed to CDA-EP
    • Bryan has prepared vol 1 using the new template and leveraging the Cath approach. he has provided more details on use-cases which we did not review in the meeting.
    • Bryan will update after today's Cath review and then distribute to the group. Will table some vol 1 reviews based on risk interwoven in some of the regular meeting time - or on -off-weekly cycles with key contributors.