Card Tech Minutes 2011.06.22

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  • Bryan Jennings - Medical Micrographics
  • Dan Roman - ACC
  • Glenn Marshall - Grok-A-Lot, LLC
  • Harry Solomon - GE
  • Mary Schneider - GE
  • Nick Gawritt - HeartBase
  • Tom Dolan - Philips
  • Antje Schroeder - Siemens


  • Discussion on Cardiology Use cases for HIMSS Showcase
    • Focus on specialist referal and ED Encounter with Follow Up Care by PCP
    • Vote on three use cases to be submitted to John Donelly
      • Quorum reached - 5 out of 8 members in good standing present
      • Each vendor gets two votes
      • Selected use cases:
        • Specialist referral with cardiac imaging department results using CIRC
        • DRPT with REWF for ECG – for ED efficiency and wrap in XDS (ITI-XDS-SD) for communication to extra-prise
        • Echo workflow for ED efficiency
  • Review of EP Whitepaper
    • Suggested to move chapters about standards, actors and systems into a Section 'proposal on an EP Supplement'