Card Tech Minutes 2011.04.27

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  • Tom Dolan - Philips
  • Bryan Jennings - Medical Micrographics
  • Nick Gawritt - Heartbase
  • Dan Roman - ACC
  • Mary Schneider -GE
  • Antje Schroeder - Siemens
  • Harry Solomon - GE
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa


  1. TF Maintenance
    • Connectathon Project Management publishes all relevant documents for the 2012 North American Connectathon on Aug. 22, 2011 on the connectathon wiki => updated TF and supplements have to be published by then.
    • CP review
      • CP001: Add PCC relevant content. No text yet, not relevant for connectathon testing
      • CP007: Clarifications regarding SOP Classes supported in Echo and Cath Evidence Documents for Image Manager/Archives in Card-2. Paul proposed two solutions:
        • Add options for Echo and Cath Evidence (similiar to how it is done in ECHO and CATH profiles) and reference tables with SOP Classes within option text
        • Following the approach taken in REWF and add new subsections describing
      • CP008: Clarifications for STRESS supplement. Upon initial review of the CP, it was not clear what changes are required. Harry will investigate
      • CP010: HL7 Profiling conventions. Profiling convention section will be replaced by a reference to ITI Volume 2.x. Ready for ballot
      • CP011: Clarification on Actor Grouping in REWF. Ready for ballot
    • The Technical Committee will vote whether to submit the CPs for ballot during the May 11 meeting. Quorum is needed, therefore please attend meeting. Goal is to publish the updated supplements and TF documents on July 20. Details on the schedule see below.
  2. CIRC
    • CIRC was published for public comment on April 26. Public comments will be addressed during the F2F meeting in Washington May 24-25. The plan is to publish for trial implementation by June 20.
    • Nick agreed to support Harry in modeling the findings section
    • Harry will reach out to the PCC domain for comments during their F2F meeting next week. Also ask for review in Domain Coordination Committee call.
  3. IHE Activities at ESC show
    • Cocir is soliciting interest in an interoperability demo at the ESC show in Aug. 2011. They are planning on an exhibit area for home monitoring.
    • Harry will follow up with Nicole Denjoy (Cocir)and Ennel Vanderbilt (Computers in Cardiology work group of ESC) as to what the status of an interoperability demo is.
  4. Whitepaper udate
    • EP Whitepaper
      • About 80% done, three major use cases have been flashed out
        • Physician user captures the report from an EP ICD implant procedure and produces a CDA document that becomes the basic CDA document containing data related to the procedure.
        • Nurse enters data in NCDR ICD Registry form with some of the data pre-populated by the basic CDA document containing data related to ICD implant procedure.
        • Hospital submits data to NCDR ICD Registry form with some of the data pre-populated.
      • Some work on alternate flows is still necessary.
      • Version 2 of the document can be found at [1]
      • Time permitting we will review this document during the F2F meeting in May
    • 3D Echo Whitepaper
      • Version 2 has been published on the IHE wiki[2]. Feedback from Drs Katz/Keller/Serwer will be collected and a review of the document with in TC will be conducted in June.
  5. Scheduling
    • Schedule:
      • April 27: TC Call - CP discussion in Committee
      • May 11: TC- Call - Vote for CP ballot
      • May 23rd - June 19th: CP Ballot period
      • May 24-25: Face 2 Face meeting - Address CIRC Comments, White paper discussions
      • June 8: review of 3D Echo Whitepaper
      • June 20: Publication of CIRC for Trial Implementation
      • June 22: review of ballot comments, white paper reviews.
      • July 6: vote on updated supplements and TF docs, white paper reviews
      • July 11: Submit updated Docs for publication
      • July 20: Publication of updated documents by RSNA
  6. Action Items
    • Harry: investigate CP008
    • Harry: contact Cocir with regards to interoperability demo at ESC
    • Harry: contact PCC domain for review of CIRC supplement
    • Tom or Antje: ask for review of CIRC Supplement in Domain Coordination Call
    • Nick: support Harry in modeling the finding section
    • Dan: perform head count for next F2F meeting and organize meeting rooms
    • Tom or Antje: send out a reminder eMail before next call to ask for participation so that quorum is achieved for voting whether to submit CPs for ballot