Card Tech Minutes 2011.01.05

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  • Tom Dolan
  • Antje Schroeder
  • Nick Gawrit
  • Harry Solomon
  • Bryan Jennings
  • Rich Fronek
  • Paul Seifert
  • Barry Brown
  • Rob Antinoro
  • Floyd Fulton


  1. The Committee reviewed the proposed work schedule
  2. Review of outstanding action items from previous meeting
    • Dan to send call for nominations for co-chair position
      • Committee will vote on nominations on 1/19 call
    • Reviewed Medication section of CIRC
      • Nick to add coding scheme to coding identifiers and send to Harry
      • Harry send email to PCC and HL7 structured documentation and observations groups
  3. Items for 1/19 call
    • CIRC Review
    • Co-chair elections
  4. Update from Bryan on EP profile recruitment
    • Needs input on what the "ask" is
    • What's the value proposition for Dr. Slotwiner's poster?
    • Late February meeting with EP physicians
    • Bryan to work on value proposition
  5. Face to face meeting in March
    • Nick and Harry to work on location in Chicago area