Card Tech Minutes 2010.10.28

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  • Tom Dolan
  • Paul Seifert
  • Rich Fronek
  • Harry Solomon
  • Keith Klassy
  • Dan Roman


  1. 2011 Connectathon Discussion
    • Sign-up still very low.
    • Barry Brown is lobbying Mortara for Resting ECG
    • Rich Fronek lobbied at Cardiac Science without success due to timeframes being off.
    • Dan Roman to reach out to Chris Carr to discuss Connectathon numbers further.
  2. EP Profile
    • Bryan Jennings volunteered someone to be technical lead for profile. Tom Dolan to follow up.
    • Scope of profile needs to be figured out by 11/16.
  3. CIRC Profile
    • There was some discussion of making the scope more general but the group all felt that keeping it limited to Cardiac Imaging was a better idea.
    • There's related DICOM CDA work.
    • EHR data elements also related to this profile.
  4. Technical Committee to create a to-do list for the physician members at the 2011 ACC Expo.
    • Relates to talking to vendors about IHE.
  5. The Technical Committee will meet in DC at the ACC on 12/7 and 12/8
    • Profile work schedule planning
    • IHE marketing
    • Identify 2 profiles from other domains, most likely Rad and QPRH, to support so Cardiology is covered.