Card Tech Minutes 2010.09.02

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  • Tom Dolan (Co-chair), Philips
  • Antje Schroeder (Co-chair), Siemens
  • Mary Schneider, GE
  • Barry Brown, Mortara
  • Dan Roman, ACC Staff
  • Keith Klassy, Merge Healthcare
  • Paul Seifert, Agfa Healthcare
  • Rich Fronek, Cardiac Science


  1. IHE-CARD-feedback to PCD (aug 12th deadline) - Barry
    • Feedback provided – waiting for PCD to respond
  2. Status of DICOM CP1079 (ECG SR TID 3700) – Harry
    • No update - Harry not present
  3. Review if any proposals have come in to date and decide on extending window to Sept. 17th ( like some other domains)
    • Extend proposal to Sept. 17th - Dan to resend
    • Ask the PC to move their proposal short-list call to week of Sept. 23 - Dan
    • PC decide themselves when they want to do F2F - proposal voting ( Nov. 17th) can be done at aface-to-face - but in other domains this is not a requirement
  4. Deciding if the TC wants to formulate some proposals for next year's work ( e.g. extend ECG, complete CIRC, )
    • Lukewarm response to ECG proposal to date
    • Proposal that we should see how the current ECG workflow is adopted before adding more to it
    • CIRC is more likely as we have started and it has been accepted as a candidate in 2010
    • CIRC does not cover ECG today (it has an imaging focus)
    • There is some terminology issues in ECG that need to be addressed - was raised during workflow discussion this year
    • Domain needs to spend time on marketing/promotion for e.g. user-handbooks
      • Radiology have done something is this space
      • ITI/RAD via HIMSS/RSNA are very serious on marketing.
      • We need to target our audience at the trade shows – we need to get planning committee to think a bit how to promote cardiology aspect of IHE.
      • Should be an agenda item on PC F2F in October/November
      • CIRC bootcamp planned for week of Sept. 13th – Keith has sent confirm request to Harry
  5. Decide if we update the TF to include the recently-balloted CP's, or hold off on that until next year after connectathon and after this years' profiles get to FT? (Harry had some exchange with Mary and Tom on that while wrapping DRPT??)
    • As long as people are aware of CP’s we should be OK
    • The biggest concern are stress codes - we could modify the TI-stress WF if needed
    • Paul – will get this done by end of Sept.
    • 20100908 update - decide to update TF + supplements by end September
  6. Echo 3D whitepaper status
    • Use-cases will be ready for review end Sept.
    • WG 12/11 are moving slowly, but with different approaches
    • Antje will give a summary of where we are from point of view of expectation setting to the PC at the Sept. meeting
  7. AOB
    • None
  8. NEXT MEETING - Sept. 30th @ 10 EST - (after planning committee short-list call in September)