Card Tech Minutes 2010.04.01

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    • confirmation of attendance ( please send email to Dan Roman in advance of this meeting)
    • review of agenda above - including any time-winning strategies ( e.g. some CP's off-line in tcon; pre-workshop profile sessions next week, ....)
    • trigger profile authors to prepare top-priority hit-list so that we can get profiles to PC-readiness in 5 hours

  • Attendance F2F
    • confirmed attendees per April 1:
      • Barry Brown, Rich Fronek, Paul Seifert, David Blumenthal, Keith Klassey, Tom Dolan, Mary Schneider,
  • Agenda Review
    • Broad agreement with the agenda, but
      • warning that it will mean we have to have strict time and discussion management - i.e. no running down every obscure alley we find.
      • if we can't resolve throw it as open issue and resolve in follow-up during PC for resolution in final text.
    • It also means editors will have to prepare the prioritized list of discussion topics in advance:
      • open issues
      • but also "closed" issues that were problematic in the sub-committee or that the group feel will raise comment/controversy during PC and that require broader IHE-C-TC support before publication.
    • time-saving - CP and TF review
      • We do NOT need to bundle CP's with profile PC
      • DECISION - defer CP review until after PC and bundle with white-paper delivery - this allows us to add time to profile during F2F
      • Keith will scan any high-priority CPs that may/should affect candidate profiles and we'll raise these in meeting

  • profile authors to prepare top-priority hit-list
    • Editors requested to prepare prioritized list of open and hot topics so we can guide the meeting to focus on most important material
    • this list should be included in the pre-F2F drafts - make the list based on the open and "BIG" closed issues from current drafts
    • please post pre-F2F drafts on ftp and announce to TC-group on THURSDAY April 8th
  • 1) Dan - send ACC address + hotel list and any rates to wider TC group
  • 2) Tom - plan tcons for may / June to do CP/white-paper reviews during PC
  • 3) Dan - plan - reserve go/no-go review for profile on april 22 regular TC call
  • 4) Barry/Harry - prepare prioritized list of review topics for 5 hr. discussion @ f2F - include in final pre-F2F drafts
  • 5) Barry/Harry - post pre-F2F drafts on FTP site and send heads up to group - DUE THURSDAY April 8th
  • 6) ALL - download and READ above profiles BEFORE meeting - DUE FRIDAY April 9th
  • 7) Keith - scan CP's in context of draft profiles and indicate any "hot" items that should be included in profile drafts

Next Steps

  1. The next Technical Committee call is the pre-PC F2F meeting @ Heart house in Washington DC, 2010-04-12-14, at 9 AM EST.