Card Tech Minutes 2010.01.07

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  • Tom Dolan (Co-chair), Philips
  • Antje Schoeder (Co-chair), Siemens
  • Mary Schneider, GE
  • Barry Brown, Mortara
  • Dan Roman, ACC Staff
  • Keith Klassy, AMICAS
  • Micha Coleman, Medtronic
  • Harry Solomon, GE
  • Paul Seifert, Agfa Healthcare
  • Bijoy Sundersingh, Philips
  • Glenn Guillemette, Philips


  1. The Planning Committee will be holding a call in late January, most likely Thursday, 1/28 at 4 PM ET. Final details about the call will be sent next week.
  2. Tom is working on finalizing the Board Report. It will go to the Board Co-Chairs in February and most likely to the Board for review in March.
  3. In addition to the regular status check of all the profiles, the Technical Committee will do a 20 minute, in depth review of one of the profiles according the following schedule:
    • 1/21 - Cardiology Report Content
    • 2/4 - Image-Enabled Office and the 3D/4D Echo and EP Implant white papers
    • 2/18 - Resting ECG Workflow (draft review)
    • 3/4 - Image Enabled Office (draft review)
    • 3/18 - Cardiology Report Content (draft review)
  4. CP Process - ACTION ITEM: Tom and Antje to talk offline about how to handle the CPs.
  5. Updates from Profile Workgroups
    • EP Implant Workflow
      • No update.
      • ACTION ITEM: The status page for this profile on the wiki page needs to be updated.
    • 3D/4D Echo
      • The use case list has been sent to Dr. Katz and Dr. Keller for review. Antje is awaiting their feedback.
      • There is still concern about DICOM WG 11's proposal for how presentation state will work. This may cause a delay in future profile development.
    • Image-Enabled Office
      • The workgroup held a call on Wednesday 1/6/2010 and discussed several issues including:
        • The DICOM modality work list needs to be bundled in the PM EMR
        • There is no direct control of data acquisition in the EMR
        • Some type of web based messaging has to be made available between the EMR and the PACS
    • Cardiology Report Content
      • No major update other than that HL7 ballot for procedural is currently out.
      • ACTION ITEM: Harry to post a mapping of Cardiology terms to SNOMED on the wiki.
    • Resting ECG Workflow
      • ACTION ITEM: Milestones are still needed.
      • The workgroup hasn't met recently but Barry will be setting up weekly calls.
      • The majority of the ECG discussion focused on how to handle reporting. There was debate over use of DICOM SR, DICOM encapsulated CDA, DICOM encapsulated PDF, or all of the above. Each has pros and cons depending on the use cases. The use of HL7-CDA was also suggested since currently it is more widely used.
      • It was also suggested that the ECG profile could just handle reporting within Cardiology and perhaps the Cardiology Report Content could handle other reporting.
      • The workgroup needs to brainstorm on how it would like to handle the reporting issue.
  6. The next Technical Committee call is scheduled for Thursday, 1/21/10, at 10 AM ET.