Card Tech Minutes 2009.12.17

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  • Tom Dolan (Co-chair), Philips
  • Mary Schneider, GE
  • Barry Brown, Mortara
  • Dan Roman, ACC Staff
  • Keith Klassy, AMICAS
  • Micha Coleman, Medtronic
  • Harry Solomon, GE
  • Paul Seifert, Agfa Healthcare
  • Nick Steblay, Boston Scientific


  1. Updates from Profile Workgroups
    • EP Implant Workflow
      • Workgroup met on Tuesday (12/15) with device vendors and had a general profile discussion.
      • HRS has created a Clinical Task Force that will review both the IDCO and EP Implant Workflow profiles.
      • The workgoup is planning to finish by April but there is concern that goal will not be met.
      • This profile may be deprecated to a white paper for 2010.
      • The workgroup's activity will increase in February after the Connectathon.
      • ACTION ITEM: The status page for this profile on the wiki page needs to be updated.
    • 3D/4D Echo
      • The use case list has been sent to Dr. Katz and Dr. Keller for review.
      • Sample use cases can be found on the wiki.
      • Questions from the workgroup have been assembled and input is requested.
      • There is concern about that DICOM WGs 11 and 12 will not produce a standard for 3D presentation state in time to create a profile in 2011.
      • The white paper for 2010 is on track though.
    • Image-Enabled Office
      • A workgroup has been assembled and will be holding a call Wednesday 1/6/2010.
      • This profile has been discussed with the CCHIT Cardiovascular Expert Panel. They are interested and support it.
    • Cardiology Report Content
      • No major update other than that HL7 is having a closed ballot for procedural note in early January.
    • Resting ECG Workflow
      • Milestones are still needed.
      • The concern over emergency cases and whether or not they are special cases was discussed. The group noted that these cases should be similar to cases of unidentified patients in trauma imaging and scheduled workflow.
      • Refer to Cath and Radiology profiles.
  2. Review of Board Report
    • Kevin O'Donnell added his updates to the report.
    • The Board reviews one domain/month. The co-chairs of the Domain Coordination Committee preview first.
      • ACTION ITEM: The Cardiology Domain needs to get on the schedule for review (the initial review time was missed).