Card Tech Minutes 2009.11.19

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  • Tom Dolan (Co-chair), Philips
  • Barry Brown, Mortara
  • Clifford Tse, Mobigator Technology Group
  • Dan Roman, ACC Staff
  • Glenn Guillemette, Philips
  • Keith Klassy, AMICAS
  • Mary Schneider, GE
  • Micha Coleman, Medtronic
  • Rich Fronek, Cardiac Science
  • Nick Gawrit, Heartbase, Inc.


  1. Review of action items from previous call
    • Antje contacted DICOM WG-12
      • Tom found someone from Philips to help support the 3D Echo White Paper work
      • Paul updated the TC wiki site
      • The TC executive summary from the October meeting was sent to the Planning Committee.
      • REMAINING ACTION ITEM: HRS is to form a Clinical Task Force for this workgroup - Dan to follow-up with Donna
  2. Review of Work Pages
    • Only 3D/4D Echo work page has been updated
      • ACTION ITEM: Editors need to update their respective work pages
      • ACTION ITEM: 3D/4D Echo needs to have dates filled in for the milestones
      • ACTION ITEM: Antje to reach out for clinician input for use cases
  3. Updates from Profile Workgroups
    • ECG Workflow
      • Workgroup met once to discuss the scope
      • Clinical functions to be included in use case
      • ACTION ITEM: Barry to update wiki
    • EP Implant Workflow
      • No update
    • Image-Enabled Office
      • No update
    • Cardiology Report Content
      • No update
  4. Review of Board Report
    • ACTION ITEM: The deployment section should be updated to include a discussion of vendor uptake of profiles and request to the Board to better improve its marketing IHE profiles.
  5. Other Discussion
    • There is a page on the site that lists the vendors that have incorporated profiles and contains a link to a vendor registry.
      • The registry is largely empty and does not contain accurate, up to date information on vendors and what profiles they have incorporated into their products.
      • ACTION ITEM: Tom to send profile information out to the Cardiology Domain vendors. Vendors must check accuracy and send updated information. The goal is to get the registry information for the Cardiology Domain vendors updated.