Card Tech Agenda 2011.06.29

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Agenda June 29, 2011

  1. HIMSS showcase – vendors to volunteer interest (or at least commit to a response on interest by July 7 ) for 3 use-cases we discussed last week - 30 mins - Tom
  2. CP Ballot review and publication planning - - 15 mins - Paul
  3. TF Maintenance - Move Trial Implementation Supplements to final text - 15 mins - Antje
    • Criteria:
      • Testing at least at two different connectathon, in at least two regions with at least three systems per actor
      • No significant CPs against Supplement or underlying standards
      • No known issues
    • STRESS
      • No testing of NM Stress Option,other testing seems to be sufficent
      • Dependency on NM Image Cardiac option, however uncertainty how to proceed with this profile
    • ED-Card Stress Testing and CT/MR Angiography option
      • Not sure about testing coverage
      • CP needed to remove note regarding DICOM CP679
    • REWF
      • no testing so far => stays in trial implementation
    • IEO
      • no testing so far => stays in trial implementation
    • DRPT
      • no testing so far => stays in trial implementation
  4. Planning of next cycle - call for work – defer
    • have action for Dan to reuse last year’s calendar – no discussion this meeting ) – send email to pre-inform this group on tentative plan by July 8 , discuss on next TC call and distribute threafter to wider IHE-International distribution