Card Tech Agenda 2010.09.30

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  • Review of new profile proposals ( EP elements whitepaper, CIRC-continued) accepted by PC-meeting of Sept. 23
  • Review TF and supplement changes resulting from applying Final Text CPs
The folding of the four Final Text CPs into draft updates to the Cardiology Technical Framework, Stress Workflow and Cardio Evidence Documents (Stress & CT/MR Angio) Profile Supplements has been completed. (Links provided below).
This material is to be reviewed during the Technical Committee call in order to confirm the CPs were correctly applied to the respective documents prior to final publication of v2.2 of the TF and updated Trial Implementation versions of the two supplements.
Please try and review the changes prior to the tcon/ webex. For review convenience, all changes are marked with change tracking.
Technical Framework, Volume 1 (draft)
Technical Framework, Volume 2 (draft)
Testing Workflow Trial Implementation Supplement (Update: 2010-09-08)
Cardiology Evidence Documents (Stress & CT/MR Angio) Trial Implementation Supplement (Update: 2010-09-08)
The CP Tracking Document and the CPs themselves have also been updated to reflect their "Final Text" state:
CP Tracking Document
Folder containing the 4 Final Text CPs
  • Review process for Echo 3D whitepaper
  • Chair elections for 2011-work
  • AOB

Cardiology Technical Committee