Card Tech Agenda 2010.09.02

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Agenda (from T. Dolan email of 6 Aug 2010)

  • IHE-CARD-feedback to PCD 9 aug 12th deadline) - Barry
  • Status of DICOM CP1079 (ECG SR TID 3700) - Harry
  • Review if any proposals have come in to date and decide on extending window to Sept. 17th ( like some other domains)
  • Decide if the TC wants to formulate some proposals for next year's work ( e.g. extend ECG as Barry is exploring, resurrect CIRC, )
  • Decide if we update the TF to include the recently-balloted CP's, or hold off on that until next year after connectathon and after this years' profiles get to FT? - I think Harry you had some exchange with Mary and I on that as we were wrapping DRPT.
  • Echo 3D whitepaper status

Cardiology Technical Committee