Card Plan Minutes 2017.10.02

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Jerry Serwer, University of Michigan, IHE CARD PC Co-Chair
David Slotwiner, Weill-Cornell IHE CARD PC Co-Chair
Chris Melo, Philips Healthcare, IHE CARD TC Co-Chair
Nick Gawrit, heartbase, IHE CARD TC Co-Chair
Paul Dow, ACC Secretary
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Charles Thomas, University of Washingtion
Raffaele Giordano, Arsenal.IT


  • Charles Thomas, Detailed Work Item Proposal for Structural Heart Additions
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CPN was meant to be generic and have the ability to expand to any cardiology structured report. It may vary value set-wise, but will have the same underlying infrasturcture.
In terms of work resources, are there other engineers working on this? Charles Thomas could help drive the effort, and would like to have more participation. Nick and Chris are willing to mentor and offer support, but they will not be able to take the lead in development. There will be additions to controlled vocabularies. There could be benefits to leveraging other medical societies to build the data dictionary.
  • Nick Gawrit, CPN CIRC Extension
The proposal similar to the TAVR profile, there are not any large changes, rather having input to add information that is widely usable across the House of Cardiology.
  • Nick Gawrit, CATH Workflow