Card Plan Minutes 2010.12.01

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  • Antje Schroeder
  • Tom Dolan
  • Alan Katz
  • David Slotwiner
  • Donna Goldberg
  • Barry Brown
  • Bill Weintraub
  • Mike Mirro
  • Mary Schneider
  • Jorge Bohorquez
  • Bryan Jennings
  • Greg Newman
  • Harry Solomon
  • Dan Roman


  1. Report out from Technical Committee
    • Please see Tom Dolan's slides
  2. Thoughts on why there was such a low turnout for testing Cardiology profiles
    • No showcase at HIMSS or ACC means no target or goal for vendors
    • Lack of Cardiology Domain marketing
    • The lack of IHE compliance doesn't break sales deals
    • Meaningful use is dominating vendors priorities
    • Prioritization of engineering resources
    • The Cardiology Domain needs to start negotiating some type of demo for the HIMSS and ACC expos
  3. EP White Paper - Bryan Jennings is going to be the technical lead
    • Getting clinician involvement should be easy
    • The big effort is going to come from the interpretation statements and assessments
    • ACC/AHA EHR Lexicon will be helpful; Working with the Quality Domain would also be helpful
  4. Decisions
    • The Domain is going to develop the EP White Paper, the Cardiac Imaging Report Content (CIRC) profile, and depending on the risks and level of effort, help support the QRPH Domain with their registry profile.