Card Plan Minutes 2010.09.23

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  • Alan Katz (chair)
  • David Slotwiner (co-chair)
  • Tom Dolan (chair TC)
  • Antje Schroeder (co-chair TC)
  • Harry Solomon
  • Donna Goldberg
  • Barry Brown
  • Mary Schneider
  • Nick Gawrit
  • Rick Fronek
  • Paul Seifert
  • Greg Newman
  • Bill Weintraub
  • Mike Mirro
  • Dan Roman


  1. Update from Technical Committee - Tom Dolan
    • Published 3 profiles for testing
    • Updated Technical Framework
    • Continued work on 3D/4D Echo White Paper
      • 1st draft should be coming soon.
      • DICOM WG 12 is getting some structure that will help with momentum for the white paper.
      • Probably won't be ready for 2011 profile development though.
    • Approaching October deadline for vendor registration for 2011 Connectathon.
    • The next Technical Committee call is scheduled for 9/30. Will be reviewing proposals.
  2. Profile Proposals
    • EP Data Elements Proposal - David Slotwiner
      • Focuses on ICD registry use case since those data elements are common to all EP physicians.
      • Heavy overlap with NCRI grant work and EHR data elements publication (due in late 2010/early 2011).
      • There is a delay in the update of the EP data elements which may slow work for this profile.
      • Moving forward, the Domain needs to engage EHR and device vendors. Presenting to members at HIMSS, CCHIT and the EHRVA were all discussed.
      • This proposal may need to be a white paper for 2011.
    • CIRC Proposal - Harry Solomon
      • Began in 2010.
      • Expanding beyond cardiac imaging elements was discussed. This profile could potentially include the EHR data elements once they are published.
      • This profile also overlaps with the NCRI grant work.
  3. Other Business
    • The Committee discussed taking on new work, maintaining old work, and marketing. It seemed that the Domain should definitely take on the CIRC profile and develop th EP proposal as a white paper.
    • Increase focus on marketing and implementation.
    • The Domain will be looking into developing a User Handbook, similar to what the Radiology Domain.
      • Clinician audience.
      • How to identify IT needs and how to articulate requests.
      • Education on IHE profiles.
      • Focus on how to achieve meaningful use.
  4. Next Planning Committee call was tentatively scheduled for Thursday, October 21st, for 4 PM ET.

Cardiology Planning Committee