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Tapered Doses

This template identifier is used to identify medication administration events that require special processing to handle tapered dosing. The parent template is A tapered dose is often used for certain medications where abrupt termination of the medication can have negative consequences. Tapered dosages may be done by adjusting the dose frequency, the dose amount, or both.

When merely the dose frequency is adjusted, (e.g., Prednisone 5mg b.i.d. for three days, then 5mg. daily for three days, and then 5mg every other day), then only one medication entry is needed, multiple frequency specifications recorded in <effectiveTime> elements. When the dose varies (eg. Prednisone 15mg daily for three days, then 10 mg daily for three days, the 5 mg daily for three days), subordinate medication entries should be created for each distinct dosage.