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Development Only

The PCC Wiki Content is used only for development of IHE PCC Content. The Normative content of the PCC Technical Framework and the current supplements can be found at https://www.ihe.net/resources/technical_frameworks/#pcc

Trial.gif ED Disposition Section
Template ID
General Description The ED Disposition section contains descriptions of the various components of ED Disposition, including disposition from the ED, time of disposition, intended transportation mode, time of transport, and the non-ED practitioner the patient's care will be transferred to.
LOINC Code Opt Description
Entries Opt Description R Encounter Disposition
This required entry describes the expected or actual disposition of the patient after the emergency department encounter has been completed.

Sample ED Disposition Section
    <templateId root=''/>
    <id root=' ' extension=' '/>
    <code code='11302-7' displayName='ED DISPOSITION'
      codeSystem='2.16.840.1.113883.6.1' codeSystemName='LOINC'/>
      Text as described above
      <!-- Required Encounter Disposition element -->
        <templateId root=''/>
<pattern name='Template_1.'> 
 <rule context='*[cda:templateId/@root=""]'> 
     <!-- Verify that the template id is used on the appropriate type of object --> 
   <assert test='../cda:section'> 
      Error: The ED Disposition can only be used on sections. 
   <!-- Verify the section type code --> 
   <assert test='cda:code[@code = "11302-7"]'> 
     Error: The section type code of a ED Disposition must be 11302-7 
   <assert test='cda:code[@codeSystem = "2.16.840.1.113883.6.1"]'> 
     Error: The section type code must come from the LOINC code  
     system (2.16.840.1.113883.6.1). 
   <assert test='.//cda:templateId[@root = ""]'> 
     <!-- Verify that all required data elements are present -->
     Error: The ED Disposition Section must contain a(n) Encounter Disposition Entry.
     See http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title= 

See Templates using the ED Disposition Section