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Trial.gif Referral Ordering Physician

Referral Ordering Physicians SHALL be recorded as participants in the CDA Header as demonstrated in the figure below. These contacts SHALL conform to the General Constraints found in HL7 CRS: 2.1.1 with respect to the requirements for name, address, telephone numbers and other contact information.

This module is out of the XDS-Lab Specification and documented there in a <participant> element. This module does not change requirements stated in that specification but is structured as a module to ensure consistent content representation and re-usability.

The referral ordering physician(s) of a laboratory document represent the person(s) who placed the order fulfilled by this laboratory report summary. In HL7 v2.5 messaging structures, this element corresponds to the 'ordering provider' represented by OBR-16 or ORC-12.

The figure below shows how the information for this element is coded, and further constraints are provided in the following sections.


See Templates using Referral Ordering Physician

Referral Ordering Physician Example
  <participant typeCode="REF">
    <templateId root=""/>
      <low value="20071104055700.0000-0500"/>
      <high value="20071104131600.0000-0500"/>
    <associatedEntity classCode="PROV">
      <id extension="90573" root=""/>
      <addr nullFlavor="UNK"/>
      <telecom nullFlavor="UNK"/>
        <id extension="rm83747" root=""/>
        <telecom nullFlavor="UNK"/>
        <addr nullFlavor="UNK"/>


The typeCode of this participant SHALL be set to 'REF'

<templateId root=""/>

The <templateId> element identifies this <participant> as a Referral Ordering Physician. The templateId SHALL have root=''.

This element represents the date and time the order was placed. Time MAY be present.


The <assiciatedEntity> element SHALL be present.


The classCode of this <associatedEntity> sSHALL be set to 'PROV'.


Unique identifier of this person (referral ordering physician) in the affinity domain SHALL be present.


The address of this person (referral ordering physician) SHALL be present.


The telecom of this person (referral ordering physician) SHALL be present.


An <associatedPerson> shall be present. The <name> sub-element of the <associatedPerson> SHALL be present.