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NOTE: Update 2017-04-25

PCC is reviewing and updating its Change Proposal processes to be in alignment with other IHE domains and also to follow guidance as provided by the DCC. Google sheets will be leveraged as part of this solution. The new Google sheet can be found at this link. Please stay tuned for further updates to this page as we roll out the new process.


The PCC CP process follows the general IHE CP process described on the Change Proposal process page. The following sections give more detail on the general process for PCC participants involved in the CP process.

The PCC specific CP Process

The following text explains what the process used by the ITI commitee in processing submitted CPs. It is consistent with the general IHE CP process and is informative only.

  1. Submission into the [1] directory. This is typically done via an email to the individual(s) in charge of CPs (currently Gila Pyke and Denise Downing) or by directly updating the directory if you have access to the ftp write password. If you do not have the individuals emails you may post/send to pcctech@googlegroups.com.
  2. First consideration by the committee. If CP is accepted it is given a CP #, assigned an editor, renamed to CP-PCC-xxxx-00.doc and placed in Assigned. If CP is rejected it is moved to Rejected and submitter is informed of explanation for rejection. Likely reasons for rejection are: duplicate, merged, withdrawn or not enough information to understand the request. Rejected CPs can be resubmitted with more information for reconsideration.
  3. CP numbering is managed on the Change Proposal Master List page
  4. Committee works with editor to draft the CP. Versions are kept in Assigned directory and numbered -00, -01, -02, etc.
  5. Committee decides CP is ready for ballot. Latest version of CP is moved to Completed diretory and old versions are moved to old_versions.
  6. Co-chair collects Completed CPs into a ballot. The Ballot directory will be used for this.
  7. Ballot is released to the general community for voting
  8. Votes and comments are collected. All yes votes means the CP passed ballot and moved to FinalText. No votes are resolved by the committee. Sometimes CP is withdrawn, sometimes NO voter changes to yes vote after explanations. CP may be updated in this process. If updates are insignificant (clarification only) the CP is considered passed. If updates are significant the CP is submitted for another ballot.
  9. CP approved in ballot are put in FinalText and scheduled to be integrated into the Technical Framework or Supplement.

Directory Structure on FTP

  • The following directory structure is used to manage CPs that are submitted as word documents.
    • Assigned: contains CPs that have been assigned an editor and are being actively worked on by the committee, i.e. Assigned status
    • Ballots: contains Ballots that have been released for voting by the general community
    • Cancelled: contains CPs that have been cancelled
    • Completed: contains the last version of a CP that is in Completed status. It is waiting to be put in a ballot
    • Submitted (old CP tracking term Incoming): contains CPs which have been submitted but have not been assigned a CP number or an editor. This is the place that new incoming CPs are placed prior to the first stage of processing by the committee.
    • Incorporated: contains the version of the CP that was integrated into the TF.
    • Rejected: CPs that have been submitted by rejected by the committee