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The Education workgroup started as an initiative of the IHE International Board in 2012. On 2014-11-05 it was formally set up as a subgroup of the Global Deployment Coordination Committee (GDC), see the minutes.

Current Work

Users and vendors are increasingly calling out for support in implementation in many ways. Consequently questions arise: What kind of help is needed? Which kinds of services do we see? Which knowledge and skills are needed? Who can do what?

The Education workgroup explores the path to "IHE Certified Professionals" (ICP). On that path we will define business outcomes, content, methods and procedures for assessment and certification. Very likely a modular approach will emerge, from the "Basic" and "Advanced" to the "Expert" level. See you there!!

A first set of concepts were captured into a 2014 white paper. From here the intention is to gradually progress towards an operative certification scheme over the next years.

Along the way we collected literature on how to describe skills and knowledge, skills profiles, exam and certification schemes etc.

ICP Drafts

The term "IHE Certified Professional" (ICP) was agreed to be a used to describe IHE related skills of a person. As a first step in Q1 2015 we want to develop a small series of ICP profiles. This exercise will help us to better understand what an ICP actually is and how this activity fits into IHE as a whole.

The "IHE Certified Professional Foundation Level" (ICP Foundation Level) may be as a first step. The "IHE Certified Professional Document Sharing" (ICP Document Sharing, working title) is an example for an advanced set of skills, building on and extending the "foundation" into a specific direction. An "ICP Imaging" may evolve as well, also as an advanced skill profile. We still need to learn in which way a number of modules provides a useful whole.

Go here for the drafts of ICP profiles:

ICP Foundation Level (work group draft, had some review rounds)

ICP Document Sharing (early work group draft, had review, needs more work)

Structure and Process

Work is now starting on how to implement a certification program within IHE. Based on existing schemes we want to explore the "how". We also consider examples of existing certifications schemes, e.g. from HIMSS, DICOM and HL7.

Go here for this work: ICP Structure and Process

Teleconferences and Meetings

Meetings take place on IHE webex

Dates and Times are Central Time (Chicago). Be aware that this group covers many timezones. A conversion table may help.

Date Time Location Topic Agenda Minutes
2015-04-13 9-10am CT WebEx Education workgroup call Agenda Minutes
2015-01-12 9:30-11:00am CT WebEx Education workgroup call Agenda Minutes
2012-10-02 9-10:30 am Teleconference Kickoff Meeting/Review of Charter [Agenda] Minutes-

Working Documents


Email Distribution List

email exchange is via the reflector of our Google group. To join the group you can use your google account. Alternatively please get in contact with to be invited.

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