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Scope and Current Work

The IHE Conformity Assessment (CAsC) Committee is responsible to manage for the IHE International Board, the IHE Conformity Assessment Scheme (CAS), which forms the basis for IHE Conformity Assessment Programs. This program proposes since 2015 official testing of conformance to IHE Profiles.

The Test reports for products that have completed Conformity Assessment testing administered by IHE Authorized Testing Laboratories are available here [1]. These vendors may associate to their products the IHE Conformity Assessment Logo, as shown here [2].

The 13 IHE Profiles currently covered for conformity assessment are:

alt text
  • Consistent Time (CT)
  • Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA)
  • Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b)
  • Patient Identification Cross-referencing (PIX)
  • Patient Identification Cross-referencing HL7v3 (PIXV3)
  • Patient Demographics Query (PDQ)
  • Patient Demographics Query HL7v3 (PDQV3)
  • Cross-Community Access (XCA)
  • Cross-Community Patient Discovery (XCPD)
  • Patient Administration Management (PAM)
  • Laboratory Analytical Workflow (LAW)
  • Device Enterprise Communication (DEC)
  • Point-of-Care Infusion Verification (PIV)

Conformity Assessment occurs under a strict process performed by ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratories. This process is specified by the IHE CAS Scheme based on ISO/EC Standard. It consists of two volumes:

==> IHE CAS-1 [3] defines the necessary processes for establishing and managing an IHE Conformity Assessment Program and for accrediting and operating testing labs.

==> IHE CAS-2 [4] defines the standardized test methods for assessing conformity to individual IHE Profiles.

  • Note: Two templates are defined within IHE CAS-2. They are provided below for convenience as MS Word files:
  • External Test Report Template [5]
  • Summary Test Report Template [6]

Current Meetings

The CAsC Committee meets twice a month. IT has two types of memberships:

  • IHE National Deployment Committee that want to establish a testing laboratory or want to support the IHE Conformity Assessment program.
  • Any other IHE Member that is interested in IHE Conformity Assessment

To join the CAsC Committee, want to contact one of the Testing Laboratories, ask questions or provide feedback about the IHE Conformity Assessment program should be directed by e-mail to the CAsC Secretariat [7]


  • IHE Europe: Lapo Bertini, Charles Parisot
  • IHE Japan: Yasunari Shiokawa, Michio KImura
  • IHE USA/ConCert by HIMSS: Joyce Sensmeier and Amit Trivedi
  • IntePro: John Donnelly
  • Sequoia Project: Didi Davis
  • RSNA Image Share Validation Program: Chris Carr

Member list to be updated by CAsC Secretariat

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